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Julie has always been fascinated by human behavior and the exceptional abilities of the mind. She is a highly intuitive Hypnotherapist, Advanced EFT Practitioner, Advanced Reiki Practitioner, and speaker based in Ojai CA, the Los Angeles area, and working with clients worldwide.

She helps clients seeking to improve their lives, relationships, health, and careers both individually and in groups from her Tarzana and Brentwood offices, in clients’ homes upon request and via telephone/video conferencing. She uses a combination of hypnosis and the power of the subconscious mind, therapeutic imagery, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), EFT and other modalities and tools to successfully partner with her clients in achieving their goals.

Julie discovered hypnosis during her high-risk pregnancy. She was able to utilize the techniques she learned to calm her conscious mind and access the subconscious in a way that allowed her to communicate with and relax her body. After enjoying a very calm and peaceful 18-hour labor and birth, she realized how powerful hypnosis was and wondered what else could be done with it. Her path of discovery led Julie to HMI College of Hypnotherapy where she graduated with honors.

As an empath, Julie takes a holistic approach to therapy and truly sees each person as the unique individual that they are. It is her honor to be a companion on her clients’ journeys toward self-improvement. She has the unique ability to perceive a macro view of clients’ issues as they experience them. Julie uses forensic hypnotherapy to discover about the person, their issues and the most effective and efficient path to move forward in achieving their goals.

Julie’s love and passion for working with people to realize their true desires and potential is evident the first time you meet her. Her clients become empowered to consciously live the life that they choose!

Julie has Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Psychology and Criminology and a Master of Science in Forensic Science. In her first career as a Crime Scene Investigator, she began to open to her intuitive gifts. She is experienced and highly skilled in analysis, investigation and problem solving, all of which she uses to help her clients in hypnotherapy.

With over 14 years of working with people using her powers of listening, observation, intuition and deduction Julie helps her clients move forward in life without the things that no longer serve them. She strongly believes that a healthy mind, body and spirit are essential for enjoying a happy life.

Julie feels the most grounded being in nature, loves animals, yoga, pilates, spinning and anything related to human growth and development. She is on a continuous quest to always be learning and growing as a person. Julie is married with two beautiful children.